Organic Bone Broth ~ $9/$10/$14/$16




Made from organic chicken bones or from local, pastured, organic beef bones. The broth is sold very thick, so you can stretch it with up to 50% water for soups or keep it thick for sauces and gravy. This nutrient dense power food is excellent for the digestion system and as a daily supplement for aiding in absorption of vital nutrients and minerals. Great for sipping warm with fresh herbs and a pinch of salt. Cures what ails ya!

Comes frozen in Quart size or Pint of Cubes. The cubes are great since you don’t need to thaw the whole container, just pull a single Cube out!

***Due to “melting factor” the Cubes are not available for delivery unless you will be home to receive them. We cannot leave them in a cooler at your door or you will have a pint of melted broth***

Gluten Free. Nightshade Free. Dairy Free.

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Chicken Quart $14, Chicken Cubes $9 (Please see note*** in description), Beef Quart $16, Beef Cubes $10 (Please see note*** in description)


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