Pulled Pork with Homemade Bourbon BBQ Sauce ~ $18



Yes, really. Seasoned, braised, slow cooked and then lovingly shredded to perfection, this will satisfy any meat lovers soul. We use our own beef tallow while braising the meat, which lends a rich, umami crust to the the outer edges that melts into the flavor of the dish. The “saucing” happens in 2 phases – first in the slow cooking process and second at home with you when you are ready to reheat and eat! Use for a sandwich or serve on a salad or straight on your plate with some delicious sides. Serves 3-4.

Don’t miss the coleslaw on the menu to accompany this dish!

Dairy Free. Gluten Free, except for the bourbon (I know, there are different theories on this one!).


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