Pasture Raised Meats from Hanley Farm/Family Nurturing Center Farm



Exciting news, everyone! You can now purchase the below listed meats directly from the Family Nurturing Center/Hanley Farm! Here is the info below – please contact the email listed directly to set up direct farm sales for the best meat you can buy! Tell them I sent you!

The Family Nurturing Center’s Farm & Food Program is currently offering a variety of farm raised meat for sale. Money raised from these sales helps to cover the costs of raising our pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys, and allows us to give away one third of the meat we produce to families that participate in our program. The Farm & Food Program supports families by offering weekly groups where parents come together at Historic Hanley Farm to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve healthy food. This past harvest season we distributed over 2,000 pounds of produce and meat to our families.

To set up an order, please email a request to:

We are currently selling pork, lamb, and chicken at the following prices:
Pork: Tenderloin, Bacon, Ham, and Pork Chops $10 per pound
Picnic Roast, Butt Roast $ 8 per pound
Spare Ribs, Italian Sausage $ 6 per pound
Pork Fat $ 1 per pound

Lamb: Loin $14 per pound
Leg, Shoulder, and Rib Roast $ 9 per pound
Ribs, Ground lamb $ 9 per pound

Chicken: Whole Chicken (ave. 5.5 pounds) $25 per bird

Thank you so much for helping to support our program!


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